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Vencobb 400 - Broilers

The consumption of poultry meat has been steadily on the rise across homes and hospitality. Factors governing the consistent growth in poultry meat consumption include easy availability of the product as well as social acceptance as a protein rich item in culinary tradition.

Vencobb chicken is the most sought in India after considering its high quality and superior characteristics. The breed is the first choice of independent poultry farmers, and has achieved a market share over 80% among independent broiler farmers.

Price affordability of poultry meat by a large section of people and absence of religious taboos (unlike in the case of beef and pork) contributed to the rise in chicken consumption. Not surprisingly, today poultry meat is preferred to other meat forms considering the advantages of its price, nutritional values – high protein and low fat – and adaptability of the meat to fit into various culinary preferences in all segments of social, cultural and economic activities.

Though there is a good demand for processed chicken meat, freshly dressed chicken rules the current poultry meat markets in India. The soaring popularity of poultry meat across the homes – both in urban and rural areas – resulted in the poultry industry treading a sustained and promising growth path.

Vencobb broilers fulfil the needs of poultry farmers through its superior genetics and other attributes like fast growth, low feed consumption, disease resistance, high survival rate and excellent adaptability.